• Electric plugs for each country

    2022-08-11 [ INDUSTRY NEWS ]

    What are the electric plugs for each country?   This illustration shows the 15 different types of electric plugs and outlets used around the world.     Below is a list of all countries and their respective outlets and plugs,......


  • World Voltage Power Cord and plug specifications

    2022-06-11 [ INDUSTRY NEWS ]

      Asia Pacific Country Voltage Frequency (Hz) Description Australia 240V 50 3 flat blades (Australia AS3112) Hong Kong (China) 220V 50 3 flat blades (UK BS1363) Indonesia 220V 50 European plugs(CEE7) India 230V 50 3 fla......


  • What is Japanese PSE certification?

    2022-05-20 [ INDUSTRY NEWS ]

    PSE certification is a mandatory safety certification for electrical appliances in Japan, and a mandatory market access system for electrical appliances in Japan. According to different products, PSE certification is divided into "specific ......


  • AC Cable Vs. DC Cable – Can We Substitute?

    2022-05-14 [ INDUSTRY NEWS ]

    So, can you use DC cables instead of their AC counterpart? Well, the answer is: It depends. The two main differences to consider, when deciding on the substitution, are Voltage and Current. The thickness and type of insulation determine the......


  • Definition and technical parameters of power cord

    2022-02-05 [ INDUSTRY NEWS ]

    Definition of power cord: Power cords are wires that carry electrical current. Usually, the way of current transmission is the point-to-point transmission. Power cords can be divided into AC power cords and DC power cords according to their......