• AC power plug types

    2022-07-15 [ COMPANY NEWS ]

    CXPowercable is a professional manufacturer and supplier of power cord related products such as Plug Types (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, I, and M). CXPowercable sells these various plug types to manufacturers for various electrical and electronic d......


  • A new power cable price lists

    2022-06-22 [ COMPANY NEWS ]

    Plug type cable type cable materials wire gauge [mm2] cable color length [m] q'ty Price (CNY) CEE7/16 [2,5A]-IEC C7 [2,5A]  H03VVH2-F  PCV 2x0,5 black 1.2 3000 ¥3.18 2x0,75 1.5 3000 ¥4.38 1.8 3000 ¥4.86 3 1000 ¥6.9......


  • Five-step process for making power cables

    2021-08-25 [ COMPANY NEWS ]

    1. Copper wire drawing is the first process in the production of power cords. At room temperature, a wire drawing machine is used to pass through the die holes of one or several drawing dies to reduce the cross-section, increase the length ......


  • Power cord plug molding bad common plug malady and power supply in the use of the process of fever

    2021-05-19 [ COMPANY NEWS ]

    Common disadvantages of poor molding 1. Insufficient injection volume 1. The injection volume and plasticity are not enough. 2. The amount of rubber material is not enough. 3. The injection pressure is too low. 4. The temperature of the rub......


  • Why are there 2 holes in the plug?

    2021-01-15 [ COMPANY NEWS ]

    Nowadays, it can be said that there are more and more household appliances, such as chargers for charging our mobile phones, computers that we must use in our daily work, and televisions for our entertainment at home. These are all very imp......