Reliable Quality

The products' quality has been tested by the market. All the products shown to you have sales records. And If it’s a new type, we’ll assess the technical feasibility and provide samples first to make sure it meets your requirements.

Competitive Price

We have the best experience in this area, with continually optimized sourcing, production, and testing procedure, we’ve achieved a competitive cost-controlling system, and the price we could offer wouldn’t disappoint you.

Excellent customer service

Our sales will also be in charge of customer service, you could not only have a direct and quick response from us if there's any question about products but also track the process of planning, production, QC, and shipment in different stages.




We are selling more than 10 million pieces of the power cable all over the world each year, strict quality control helps us win a good reputation from customers both abroad and domestic. Complete certificates, 20,000pcs daily capacity, No MOQ confined for the regular products, 7~10 days lead time that could help you win market advantage, and also reduce inventory pressure. 

Hot Product

Fast Responce, Competitive Price, Better Quality!

You will get a quick response within 24 hours with any questions you have, just add our sales team on WhatsApp/WeChat or any SNS tools you used in your life. why do we say we can provide a competitive price? because we produce raw cable too instead of purchasing from outside, which is help us save time, and cut power cable's costs. 100% high voltage test, continuity test, displacement detection, resistance test, make sure all products work perfectly before shipped out to you.


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Small Batch, Low MOQ

We fully understand that a large quantity of inventory has too much pressure, a small quantity could help cut losses in your business in the rapidly changing markets. cx wire company supports you with any order quantity. In large quantities, we help you win market share; in Small quantities, we help you reduce inventory pressure.