• Electric plugs for each country

    2022-08-11 [ INDUSTRY NEWS ]

    What are the electric plugs for each country?   This illustration shows the 15 different types of electric plugs and outlets used around the world.     Below is a list of all countries and their respective outlets and plugs,......


  • AC power plug types

    2022-07-15 [ COMPANY NEWS ]

    CXPowercable is a professional manufacturer and supplier of power cord related products such as Plug Types (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, I, and M). CXPowercable sells these various plug types to manufacturers for various electrical and electronic d......


  • World Voltage Power Cord and plug specifications

    2022-06-11 [ INDUSTRY NEWS ]

      Asia Pacific Country Voltage Frequency (Hz) Description Australia 240V 50 3 flat blades (Australia AS3112) Hong Kong (China) 220V 50 3 flat blades (UK BS1363) Indonesia 220V 50 European plugs(CEE7) India 230V 50 3 fla......


  • A new power cable price lists

    2022-06-22 [ COMPANY NEWS ]

    Plug type cable type cable materials wire gauge [mm2] cable color length [m] q'ty Price (CNY) CEE7/16 [2,5A]-IEC C7 [2,5A]  H03VVH2-F  PCV 2x0,5 black 1.2 3000 ¥3.18 2x0,75 1.5 3000 ¥4.38 1.8 3000 ¥4.86 3 1000 ¥6.9......


  • What is Japanese PSE certification?

    2022-05-20 [ INDUSTRY NEWS ]

    PSE certification is a mandatory safety certification for electrical appliances in Japan, and a mandatory market access system for electrical appliances in Japan. According to different products, PSE certification is divided into "specific ......